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As a scholar based at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, I have written two books. I appear frequently appear on news broadcast and radio, and am also general editor of the "Cambridge History of Espionage and Intelligence" 3 vols (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

My latest book, "SPIES. The Epic Intelligence War between East and West" (2023), is a best-selling exposé of the history of Russian intelligence. Described as “riveting” by the Economist and “a masterpiece” by Christopher Andrew, it reveals that, contrary to what many in the West thought, the Cold War did not end with the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, but in fact continued on after. Today, the West is in a new Cold War with Russia and China. "SPIES" builds on my first (award-winning) book, "EMPIRE OF SECRETS. British Intelligence and the Twilight of Empire" (2013).

My work has been published in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, CNN, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Sunday Times, Politico, Prospect Magazine, the BBC, NPR, PBS, C-SPAN, FOX News, News Nation, and other outlets.

While pursuing a doctorate and post-doctorate Fellowship in History at Cambridge University, I was also a principal researcher on the authorized history of Britain’s Security Service (MI5), "Defence of the Realm". That position gave me privileged access to MI5’s hundred-year secret archives.

I'm also an English-qualified barrister (attorney)— an expert in dispute resolution. During my legal career, I specialized in complex government and private sector litigation, with a particular focus on national security.

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